grave160pxYears ago I received an e-mail from a women about a matter on one of my websites. In the signature area of her e-mail, there was a memorial link to a child who had passed away. I clicked on the link and on to my screen appeared a very nice web page telling the story of her daughter's life and death - and a pop up window with an ad promoting a scantily clad music star: unfortunate.

It was at that moment I decided to develop an ad-free site where people could put up memorial pages for their passed loved ones - telling their stories of the difference Jesus made in their life in this world. Out of that initial idea this site arose. is your place to not only remember your loved ones, but also to inspire others with their story of faith in Christ and Jesus' faithfulness to them.

Putting a story on this site is by a one time donation that you determine the size of. This allows us to keep the site ad free.

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