Do you have a story about the difference Jesus made in the life of a loved one or friend who has passed? Here’s how you can have it added to this site.

1 - Type the story out. Don’t worry about its length as there is lots of room on the site. Please make sure that the story is set up with paragraphs and please no stories that are typed in ALL CAPS (the equivalent of yelling online).

2 - Once you have the story typed out, e-mail it to us through the submission contact form (click here) or send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please put the name of the person you are remembering in the subject of the e-mail.

3 - Make a donation (click here).  You may be wondering why this site isn't free or how much to donate.  It's all explained on the donation page. 

4 - Pick a few pictures you might like to include with your story (Currently we are limiting the number of pictures appearing with stories to 3). After you submit your story and donation we will e-mail you the address you can e-mail your pictures to. Again, remember to include the person’s name in the subject of each e-mail.  If you have pictures you wish to include, but you do not have them in a format that can be e-mailed, contact us for some suggestions on other ways to get them to us.

Once we receive your e-mail(s), we will get to work on this end and set up a nicely layed out page that tell’s your loved one's or friend’s story.


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