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Serge St. Laurent

The following is a eulogy by William Brennan-Smith, Serge's best friend.

Serge lived a full life even though it was too short. He was the kind of friend that stands by you when you need somebody to be there. He'd give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. We met shortly after he moved to Victoria from Prince Rupert and became good friends. He loved the outdoors, fishing, hiking, and scuba diving. He was caring to all of God's creatures including his menagerie of pets!

What is it that we remember when we think of Serge? He was a loyal son and brother. He was a loving husband and father. Serge burst with pride when he first knew he was going to be a dad. Serge was such a character. He knew how to be serious at times and he also knew when to joke around - he loved to play pranks on his mum. He had a smile that would light up his whole face.

He was a deep sea fisherman. His passion for the open water shows in his face when you look through photos of his life. In his more energetic days he. He was an extremely talented woodworker with much to be proud of.

Cara remembers talking about whales all the time, especially killer whales. She would talk and talk. No one ever seemed to listen to her except uncle Serge. She would come up with all these facts about whales and he would nod and even answer me sometimes. At some point I am sure he started to tune her out one Christmas. I am not sure what year it was, but he came into Nan's house and said Cara I have a present for you. She ripped open the paper like she had never opened a gift before and inside was a killer whale piggy bank that uncle Serge had made for her. I guess you could call it a whaley bank. She loved it and still has it on her shelf today. I will miss you Uncle Serge.

Serge Rene St. LaurentRobbie remembers when he was about four and went up to Prince Rupert to visit. Uncle Serge invited him down to the shop downstairs and helped him build a wooden race car. Robbie hadn't used power tools before and was very excited and happy with his finished project. Uncle Serge also built him a big digger and a train set.

Hannah remembers coming to Victoria to visit, and going with Uncle Serge and family to Thetis Lake to walk the dogs. It was a beautiful day.

Sickness had kept Serge from a lot of activities towards the end of his life. I know Serge left lots of things undone and others that he never had a chance to start. Serge was well-loved and he had done so many things on earth and I'm sure he'll do much more in Heaven. I will forever be grateful to have known him. All the memories I have shared with him will be cherished. Serge will forever live in my heart . . . in our hearts. He leaves behind him two wonderful young sons and if we all come together to support them and Debbie we can fill part of the gap that is left by their loss.

This is not the time for us to grieve his death but it's our time to celebrate his life. Don't ever forget him. He never wanted to see people cry. He wanted to make everyone happy. let's all think back and remember how Serge touched our lives. How he made us laugh and how good he was as a person. This is not the moment for us to shed our tears but we should all be thankful that we were given the chance to have known such a caring man.

Serge will forever be missed but I know in the right time, I will meet him again. We will all meet Serge again.

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