1 Peter 1;8,9 
Psalm 84 and Isaiah 40;28-31 

In memory of my father, Lawrence B. Martin who was born in rural Ontario on May 27th,1934. Dad passed into the presence of his Saviour on May 11th, 2005 after a life of challenges and serving were completed.

There are many memories - too many to recall. But here are some of them:

- the day trips in the red 1963 Ford 
- seeing our first television! 
- the summers at camp and dad trying to teach me how to swim 
- working with dad at the factory 
- dad made sure you swept the floors right or you had to do it over! 
- riding along with dad as he delivered ice blocks to the Mennonite neighbours 
- BBQ meals at home, picnics at the park 
- those chores, like cleaning out the rabbits and mowing the grass 
- getting our first bicycles and dad teaching us to ride (or trying to)
- keeping very close records of money owed and earned! 
- Dad’s jokes 
- the daily Bible readings 
- going to Sunday school every Sunday 
- Dad listening to Blue Jays baseball games on the radio

Above all, Dad has left a example of godly living, giving and serving. He would want you all to know his Saviour the one who has welcomed him home to say “Well done, good and faithful servant” 

Written by Ken Martin and read at dad’s funeral service on May 11, 2005.


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